Why Bowden

Why Bowden

Why Bowden

Bowden – 30 Years in The Aspen Market
It’s hard to compete with an agency whose connections reach back 30 years.  We have completed many successful sales in Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley and feel certain that we can offer you the same to accomplish your goals for the sale of your property.
In fact, we have the single largest sale to date in Aspen.

Our Marketing Plan
Of course, we all know that a successful sale requires a successful plan. And that’s our first step. We create a comprehensive marketing plan with actionable items that are clear and effective.
Our mantra is quality over quantity.

Working Capital – We got it!
Unlike most other companies, we have reserve capital set aside for marketing your property.
And we’re not afraid to spend it.

Did You Know – It takes two?
Over 90% of all sales in this valley use 2 brokers. That means one lists the property and another one sells it. The chance of your listing agent actually selling a property is less than 10%. The local brokerage community has over a 1000 brokers.
Those are the odds you want working for you.

Our approach is to use the entire Aspen and Roaring Fork brokerage community as our sales force. We educate and motivate all 1,000 of them to learn more about your property to then be able to bring in the right buyer. The largest firm in town has slightly more than 100 folks. So, who do you want working for you?
All 1000 brokers or 1/10th that amount?
WE both know the answer to that one. You want them all.
And no one can educate and motivate these 1000 brokers like Bowden Properties.

Focus on YOUR Property
We don’t just include your property along with 20 other properties on the back of the newspaper. We rifle shot a strong marketing campaign with real dollars behind it that exposes your property in not only the newspaper, but magazines, video, web, YouTube, and so much more.
We don’t create “me too” advertising. We create brilliant, eye catching, compelling calls to action.

Our website garners huge viewership
You’ll have your own page on our highly-viewed website. We’ll include walkthroughs, details and video.
And our website enjoys thousands of visits per week.

More Sales Per Square Foot
We claim the highest dollar per square foot sales prices in every market we compete. That means we get you more for your house though our extensive marketing and expertise. There are key ingredients in devising a marketing strategy that will help ensure that you receive the full financial potential available to you through the sale of your home and we employ them all.
That’s more money in your pocket.

Need Staging?
We will throw in the cost of staging your home if you give us your listing. Yes, you read correctly. We own and operate the largest luxury furniture showroom in Aspen. With over 3,000 square feet of luxury brands, such as Armani/Casa, Scala Luxury, and many more, we’ll create the perfect selling environment.
Of course there’s some small print with this offer, but nobody else has this capability.

Give Us Your Time & We’ll Sell Your Home For More!
At Bowden Properties, we stress the quality of each transaction over the quantity of transactions our companies makes each year, which means more money in your pocket at the closing table.
Why would you bother selling your property if it wasn’t the best possible ROI?

Call us today and let us show you why Bowden is the right choice.