Yoga in Aspen

The “Aspen Idea” of cultivating the Body, Mind and Spirit is beautifully embraced by many locals, guests and tourists as part of their daily life. Yoga is a great way to cultivate this in yourself, bringing awareness to your presence in this world and creating unity with others in the community.

Yoga is an exercise for the mind and the body at the same time, maintaining ones breath while holding challenging poses teaches us to remain calm in even the most challenging circumstances that life presents us. Students strive to be less reactionary to events and more embracing while toning and strengthening their bodies.

Aspen is home to several great yoga studios of differing styles of yoga. Many locals greatly enjoy the classes taught at King Yoga by Aaron King and Evan Soroka. Aaron believes that fusing music and yoga is a vehicle for enhancing a healthier lifestyle on and off the mat. He believes the yoga practice is a lifestyle: embracing patience, balance and truth. His classes incorporate challenging vinyasa flow with creative sequencing set to his unique mix of music. His honest and heartfelt classes encourage his students to use yoga as a vehicle to reduce stress, find happiness, move beyond personal limitations which empowers our spirit. Evan is an Aspen native who has been evolving her practice since 2002 and teaching since 2007. Her classes dually combine sthira (steadiness, firmness) and sukha (gentleness, softness). She strives to teach safe alignment, deep asana, and an introspective breath while empowering her students to heal from the inside out. She is well known in the valley as a leader in therapeutic yoga and works privately with clients.

Another popular studo is O2 Aspen, a mind body studio, spa and boutique. Treat yourself to a relaxing facial or massage in our spa after an exhilarating yoga or pilates workout. With brands from Lululemon to Nicole Miller, our “sporty chic” attire will take you from the yoga studio to lunch downtown. You’ll leave feeling fabulous from the inside out. O2 offers a variety of Vinyasa Flow classes of varying levels for wherever you are with your practice.

Many students prefer Bikrams Hot Yoga, where yoga in a heated studio accelerates the warming of the body, increasing the blood circulation and sweating, cleansing and detoxifying our bodies releasing the stress and calming our minds. With talented and inspirational instructors emphasizing the fluidity and flow of the asanas and the importance and calming power of fusing the breath with the motion.

The Aspen Club and Spa also offers a variety of classes if you have access to the club you can partake in a class and enjoy the pool, outdoor and indoor hot tubs and steam rooms as well as a full gym.

So if you are bringing your practice with you to Aspen or want to cultivate deeper awareness in your life yoga in Aspen has many options to fit you and to take you closer to enlightenment.