Red Mountain Real Estate

Red Mountain Real Estate

Red Mountain is famous for its proximity to downtown yet with the most amazing views of the town of Aspen, Aspen Mountain (known as AJAX), Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk. You can also see up Independence Pass and the beautiful Sunset Peak, named for how the sun lights up its snow covered face with an amazing Alpenglow every evening. The combination of these views from the ski resorts to “The Pass” creates one of the most beautiful panoramas to be found anywhere in the world.

Clients who look for all-day sun gravitate to these beautiful estates as they face south and west, allowing you to bask in the sun while you take in your priceless view. In the spring on warm sunny days you can ski all morning and spend the afternoon on your deck as the sun at this elevation provides enough warmth to relax outside while there is still feet of snow on the north and east facing ski resorts. This is in fact how Red Mountain got its name, during much of the winter while Aspen Mountain is covered in snow this southwest oriented face is exposed red rock as the sun has melted most of the snow on this side, this combination of red rock and surrounding white mountains really is a beautiful site. The fact that much of the snow on this aspect gets melted also makes living much easier as it is easier to keep walkways, outdoor living spaces and rooftops clear of snow.

Divided into Upper and Lower sections of the mountain, the area has generated most of Aspen’s highest-dollar transactions. Homes range anywhere from $2 million to upwards of $50 million. Many homes are nestled on the side of the mountain, which maximizes the views but also minimizes the amount of lawn space reducing the demand for lawn care, with this in mind many Red Mountain estates will have expansive decks. Homes are often built as you may find on the beaches in California, where you drive up to the top floor and then go down levels to additional living space, this arrangement provides stunning views from all levels of the homes.

The upper most reaches of Red Mountain include a very large horse pasture and as you move past this you find the hidden Hunter Creek Valley, offering unparralled privacy just minutes from downtown Aspen. These estates in this area feel as if they are deep in the Rocky Mountains yet in actuality they are only moments from world class dining, shopping, arts and skiing, truly allowing residents to live the Aspen Idea, of Body Mind and Spirit.

Development on Red Mountain started in the 1960’s but really began to take off in the 1970’s. Many homes on Red Mountain are in need of a little TLC allowing potential real estate investors the opportunity to purchase a home at a reasonable price for this area then make their own mark on its appearance and feel. Bowden Interiors and Development specializes in taking these homes from dark and dated to light and bright spaces. – Red Mountain Real Estate