Aspen home constructionExperience & Relationships

The team at Bowden Properties is in the business of marshaling resources to turn homeowners and investors dreams into reality.  With over 40 years of real estate and development experience in the Aspen Valley, Bob Bowden knows not just the best locations, but all the best architects, designers, tradesmen, and craftsman in the area, the ones that produce the quality of work that make a Bowden property so special.  Bowden Development has designed and built more than $500 million worth of custom real estate in the Aspen area, with another $75 million in the development process.  No other developer in the area offers the same level of experience and expertise in understanding the complications of mountain construction and the potential pitfalls of the Aspen market such as land selection and zoning.  Only two of Bob Bowden’s custom homes have been resold, a true testament to the level of satisfaction felt by the clients who have worked with Bowden Development.

Garnered from years of experience and building relationships Bob Bowden has an insider’s access to information in Aspen, CO.  Whether pouring over unlisted bank properties, sharpening knowledge of future market trends, or accessing the minds of the best architects, designers, and tradesmen in the valley; Bob brings powerful knowledge and experience to bear on his projects.  As the leading residential developer in Aspen, Bowden Properties knows Aspen clientele better than anyone.  Bowden Development can handle any size project having built or remodeled homes from 1,000 square feet up to 55,000 square feet. Bowden built estates and condos command the highest prices in the market with a 20-30% premium over comparable spec homes.  In addition, Bob’s encyclopedic knowledge of local codes and politics ensures his projects proceed with utmost urgency.

We are not only made of custom builders, but also custom executors who understand that attention to detail and timeliness are crucial in delivery a quality home on schedule and on budget.  They work closely with a select group of architects and construction tradesmen with whom they have built long lasting relationships to create properties that are as beautiful as they are efficient, and as welcoming to a future resident as they are valuable to a homebuyer.  With the experience of building over 30 custom homes in the Aspen area Bob has the knowledge and understanding to interpret client desires and exceed expectations.  Mountain modern designs by Bowden Properties visible around the Aspen area command the highest prices per square foot, exhibit exquisite attention to detail, and possess interior designs worthy of the next issue of Architectural Digest.  Work with Bob Bowden and his team on the design and construction of your next home and don’t just have the dream, wake up in it.

When it comes to the construction of a world class property, Bowden Properties team understands that communication is the key to success. The first step in execution is effectively communicating the design and intentions. Bowden Properties employs their own construction team with whom they have worked on many successful projects; they do not rely on the subcontracting process. By using a trusted, highly competent and professional construction team, open lines of communication create unrivaled efficiency between design and construction phases. On-the-fly changes or improvements are easily executed, and miscommunications are alleviated before they become a problem. Much like the real estate business itself, construction is about effective relationships. No other design team in the valley even approaches Bob Bowden’s team of professionals.

Harness Bob Bowden’s unparalleled expertise in crafting a masterpiece even the most discerning connoisseur could truly appreciate, and create a unique home suited for the most prescient tastes.  Bob and his team have crafted some of the most notable estates in the valley, leverage their experience in your next speculation.