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About Bob Bowden

About Bob Bowden

True renaissance men become so not through careful planning, but with an overarching goal and creative desire.  From humble beginnings as an engineer working for his family business in the midwest, to the leading developer of high-end, custom homes in the Aspen, CO area, Bob Bowden has achieved renaissance man status.

Like many people who find themselves living among the trees in far-flung mountain towns, Bob Bowden came to Aspen for the winter in 1984 to consider his next moves.  Also like many mountain dwellers, it didn’t take long for Bob to realize this was home, and within months purchased a nightclub and began investing in real estate.   Before long, real estate license in-hand, wide-eyed and hopeful for a boom in the Aspen, CO real estate market.

Bob Bowden Aspen, COBob began life in Chicago, and went on to graduate from Valparaiso University with a degree in electrical engineering.  Upon graduation, he joined the family business in electronic manufacturing and spent the next 13 years leading the premier manufacturer of electronic test equipment for the audio/video service field.  He pioneered a business movement by relocating the company to Sioux Falls, SD, a move replicated by other businesses including Gateway Computers.  While working in the family business, Bob attended various executive level studies offered by the graduate school of business at the University of South Dakota as well as Stanford.  In 1984, he sold his interest in the business and moved to Aspen for the winter to ponder his next moves.

After three years operating in Aspen as a broker of local real estate transactions, Bob began to understand the demand for more opulent housing as the town of Aspen was rapidly becoming a popular ski town.  As the town became more affluent, the demand outstripped the supply of housing, and Bob decided to move into the arena by becoming a general contractor and designing and building custom homes.  As an engineer, it didn’t take long to grasp the complex elements of high-end construction, and though he started small, by the mid 90’s he was designing and constructing 15,000 square foot spec homes for the world’s elite under the flag of Bowden Properties.

From humble beginnings, Bob Bowden and Bowden Properties has grown to become the leading designer and builder of custom, luxurious homes in the Aspen area.  With 42 properties to his credit, including homes up to 50,000 square feet, Bowden Properties has become Aspen’s premier developer of legacy homes, serving the likes of the world’s most rich and famous.  As a home designer, Bob offers both custom home development for individual clients, and spec home development with invested partners.

In recent years, Bob has expanded his business beyond design and construction and now includes both property management and the Aspen Design Room, a boutique showcasing the finest furnishings and lighting from around the globe founded in the summer of 2014.  The Aspen Design Room offers the innovation, experience and luxury to create visual showpieces that merge form with functionality.  In addition, Bob recognized and filled the need from many of his development clients for effective, trustworthy property management.

Bob’s overarching design philosophy hinges on creating ‘intuitive designs that just feel right.’  As evidenced by the critical claim heaped upon his many designs, Bob has achieved and exceeded his goals.  His innovative designs and attention to detail have made him the most coveted designer in Aspen.

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